• Does knee pain
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    staying active?
  • Does knee pain
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    getting things done?
  • Does knee pain
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    doing what you love?
  • Does knee pain
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Mild or moderate OA knee pain

Different levels of pain experienced.

For some, OA-related knee pain is always present, even at rest. For others, pain from OA intensifies during weight-bearing activities, such as climbing stairs or kneeling.

Why do I have knee pain?

4 out of 10 people with knee OA experience pain

A healthy knee contains synovial fluid, a viscous liquid that lubricates the joint and absorbs shocks. Changes in the synovial fluid and degeneration of joint structures may lead to swelling, reduced flexibility, a grating sensation and pain in the knee.

Getting relief from OA knee pain

CingalTM, Monovisc®, and Orthovisc® can provide relief from OA knee pain.

Viscosupplementation, the injection of a clear gel-like substance in the knee, provides sustained pain relief. Three injections of Orthovisc and a single injection of Cingal and Monovisc can help alleviate OA knee pain while increasing the flexibility and mobility of your knee. In addition, the corticosteroid found in Cingal can relieve pain rapidly.

Understanding knee pain

Different resources exist to help you understand and evaluate your knee pain.

treatment options

There are several things you can do to help reduce knee pain due to OA

Stay active
Specific exercises can help manage OA knee pain
See the exercises
Expert advice
Learn 4 strategies to keep you at the top of your game
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Treatment options
A wide range of treatment options are available to treat your OA knee pain
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Orthopedic portfolio

Clinically proven to relieve OA knee pain

One injection for fast and long-term pain relief.

  • Fast and long-term pain relief
  • Unique combination treatment
  • Highest HA concentration/syringe among single-injection viscosupplements
  • Generally well-tolerated

One injection for long-term pain relief.

  • Long-term pain relief
  • Most HA/syringe among single-injection viscosupplements
  • Higher HA concentration/syringe than in multi-injection viscosupplements
  • A proven safety record

Three injections for long-term pain relief.

  • Long-term pain relief
  • Highest HA concentration/syringe among multi-injection viscosupplements
  • A proven safety record

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*Injection administered directly into a joint.

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