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Changes in the synovial fluid (a viscous liquid that is responsible for lubricating the joint and absorbing shocks, a major component of which is hyaluronic acid) and degeneration of the joint structures of a healthy knee may lead to pain in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Pain during weight-bearing activities, climbing stairs and bending may be symptoms of osteoarthritis knee pain. Pain may even be present when resting. Different people may experience different levels of knee pain.

For more information on how Cingal™, Monovisc® and Orthovisc® can help with your knee pain, visit the respective product websites.

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Strengthening the muscles that support the knee that is affected by osteoarthritis can help provide knee pain relief and improve mobility, as well as your overall fitness level.

If you are overweight, losing weight may help alleviate some of the stress on your knees.

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