Inject relief into your osteoarthritis knee pain

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Osteoarthritis of the knee

Why do I have knee pain?

A healthy knee contains synovial fluid, a viscous liquid that lubricates the joint and absorbs shocks. Changes in the synovial fluid and degeneration of joint structures may lead to swelling, reduced flexibility, a grating sensation, and pain in the knee.


of people with osteoarthritis of the knee experience pain.

For some, pain related to osteoarthritis of the knee is always present, even at rest. For others, knee pain intensifies during weight-bearing activities, such as climbing stairs or kneeling.

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Osteoarthritis treatment

Cingal®, Monovisc®, and Orthovisc® can provide relief from knee pain


Viscosupplementation, the injection of a clear gel-like substance in the knee, can provide sustained* knee pain relief. A single injection of a viscosupplement like Cingal® or Monovisc®, or three injections of Orthovisc® can help alleviate pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee while increasing the flexibility and mobility of your knee. In addition, the injection of a corticosteroid such as the one found in Cingal® can provide rapid knee pain relief.

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*Pain relief up to 6 months.


Tools to help you understand your osteoarthritis knee pain and evaluate your options

Rate your knee pain by completing the knee pain relief checklist. Browse treatment brochures and find coverage information related to different treatment options. These resources will help you understand your knee pain and evaluate your options for osteoarthritis treatment.

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Expert advice

Listen to sports medicine doctors as they explain what osteoarthritis of the knee is, its risk factors, and treatment options.

Dr. McCormack
Head Physician, BC Lions Football Team
Lifestyle changes

Relief can start with simple steps

Whether you’ve already begun a treatment regimen or have just begun researching knee pain, there are simple, everyday changes you can make to help reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee.

Tips from a physiotherapist

Physiotherapist giving tips to a patient

A physiotherapist offers strategies to help you manage your knee pain and continue to live the life you want.

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Tips from a naturopath

Man cutting vegetables on a wooden cutting board

A naturopath offers advice on how to begin the weight-loss process, a key factor in relieving knee pain.

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At-home exercises to strengthen your knees

Woman jogging

View simple instructions for exercises that you can add to your daily routine to help strengthen the muscles that help your knees function.

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Osteoarthritis knee pain medical treatment options

HYALURONIC ACID (HA) injections can provide long-lasting relief

Cingal logo

Cingal needle
Dual therapy:

offers fast* knee pain relief that lasts
up to 6 months

  • Fast pain relief
  • Long-term pain relief
  • Unique combination treatment
  • Highest HA concentration per syringe among single-injection viscosupplements
  • Generally well-tolerated, non-avian-sourced HA
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Monovisc logo

Monovisc needle
Single injection:

proven to last
up to 6 months

  • Long-term pain relief
  • Most HA per syringe among single-injection viscosupplements
  • Higher HA concentration per syringe than in multi-injection viscosupplements
  • Generally well-tolerated, non-avian-sourced HA
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Orthovisc logo

Orthovisc needle
Three weekly injections:

offers the
reassurance of
weekly visits

  • Long-term pain relief
  • Highest HA concentration per syringe among multi-injection viscosupplements
  • Generally well tolerated
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*Significant reduction in pain measures seen at Week 1 vs. saline (ITT p=0.008).